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Re: Is tgere an "updates" log anywhere ?

Arne Chr. Jorgensen wrote:
Well, I did write some inputs in  a previous post ( see link to ) later.

Here I include a very short example from a rawhide report:

* Fri Mar 14 2008 Hans de Goede <j w r degoede hhs nl> 1.0.3-5
- Adapt launch script and (Build)Requires for icedtea -> openjdk rename
- Drop ExclusiveArch now that openjdk also is available for ppc
It does at least tell something about changes ( not much, but..) you may get some understanding of their intentions. I wondered if there was a more descriptive note, regarding "updates" we receive ?
When something works, and you get an updated package - I would like to know a bit about what they attempt to do,  like the later kernel.

If you want to follow what was done in more detail than changelogs you need to look in the bug reports or upstream mailing lists for the packages. There isn't much other than changelog to help you follow what was meant to change.

The notes in the rawhide report come from package changelogs.

After you update a package:
rpm -q --changelog packagename

(you can append |head to that to just see the lastest)

This will tell you what was done recently, although the entries are usually very short. There may be bug numbers referenced there that can be double checked to be fixed.

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