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Re: Rawhide experience and comments 23 March

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Mike wrote:
> Jon Stanley <jonstanley <at> gmail.com> writes:
>> One thing that we didn't really get time for in Beta that we would
>> have loved to is verification of the installed pieces.  For instance,
>> in a default desktop install, does everything work and sustain a basic
>> click-through test without crashing?  Are the components of the panel
>> working as they should be?
> Yesterday was the first time I did not get any crashes in the series of
> things I normally "click through" as you say - so there has certainly
> been a lot of fixes recently. One good thing is that my GB keyboard is now
> recognised after the evdev removal. I did have to add two lines to xorg.conf
> to get the touchpad to work - but this is documented in bz. I guess that
> this will be fixed at some point so that the necessary xorg.conf is
> auto-generated.
> I have not used snake - perhaps I should look into that!

I have been unable to get rawhide installed on my testbed machine.

I'm getting some wierd decodedmi crashes and odd label remnants.
By wierd, I mean that they don't always trigger anaconda crashes that
get an exception/report dialogue box.

I'll admit that I haven't (yet) filed BZs for this, but they are coming
soon (next time I try the install sequence.)

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