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Re: F11 beta xfce i686 spin

Kevin Fenzi wrote:
On Mon, 06 Apr 2009 11:48:29 +0100
psmith <johnsmithdoe14 googlemail com> wrote:

thanks kevin, that compose works perfectly and f11 beta is already on
7 of the 11 aspire ones :), though i'm already hearing moans of
slower performance and the only thing i can think of (apart from
being beta) is the drop to the i586 kernel, although the atom is pae
compatable it isn't nx so no i686-pae kernel. i'm going to knock up
an i686 kernel tonight at home and install it to see if that brings
things back closer to f10 performance.

Note that there is a good deal of debugging enabled in the kernel.
This is a Beta after all, not a final release.
also wouldn't it be pertinant
to remove the official xfce i686 spin torrent link from the spins
torrent download page, save more people wasting time and bandwidth?

Possibly. I am trying to find out if it works for anyone at all, or if
it's just some hardware it fails on. ;(


yeah i realise it's beta, but for most all of them this is their first foray into a beta os, i've built the same rawhide i586 kernel without the debugging enabled and installed it today on the machines of the main moaners to see if that keeps them happy, if not i will try an i686 kernel for them instead, but i need to knock up a spec with the kernel trimmed down for usage just on the aoa anyway so it's not a problem.

thanks again for your help on this matter

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