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Re: Testing request: latest F12 xorg-x11-server build

Ok - F12 kernel + new xorg works - and is a bit faster than the previous xorg.

I retested with git from today as well - fails consistently as per my previous report.

My $.02 - I'd not release this until working with upstream kernel.... if you do, I'd post a note to LKML advising people there not to upgrade until this is resolved.

On 12/16/2009 7:15 PM, Adam Williamson wrote:
Hi, everyone. Dave Airlie would like it if people could help us
regression-test the latest xorg-x11-server build for F12, which you'll
be able to find here when it's done building:


We have quite a lot of changes queued up, and we will need to send these
changes out as an update at some point - there's important fixes in
there. But we'd like some reasonable assurance that it doesn't break
anything horribly, obviously. If those of you with F12 machines could
stick this build on and make sure things work alright, that'd be great.
Please report whether it seems OK or you run into problems in this
thread. Thanks!

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