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Re: wanted: audacity user testing of pulseaudio capabilities

Tom London wrote:
Not sure this is what you're asking for, but I run audacity "all the
time" on my rawhide system to edit music clips.

Starting with the last rawhide release, audacity-1.3.5-0.12.beta, I
noticed that I could configure it to use "pulse" settings.

I have used (tested?) this while pulse/rhythmbox are running,
sometimes with rhythmbox paused, sometimes with the audacity output
mixed with rhythmbox's output. I have not noticed any pulse/sound
related problems.
So rawhide is OK ?
Playback as well as record ?
- multitrack ?
- multitrack record while playing ?
- previews of effects ?

Basically: Do the things you would normally do with audacity, but with pulse as the digital in and out set. Can you notice any difference at all between when other IO methods are selected ?

ie are there any regressions ?

what about when you use the non-pulse IO, do any issues show up ?

Are you interested in only F10?
I was trying to decide whether to put this update into F10, and possibly F9. Since it is a large app, I would rather not break a lot of people's audio record/editing on the stable release.


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