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X server problem in F11-Alpha, and missing mount point

F11-Alpha X-windows server will not startup correctly on my testbed machine. A VNC server will start, but any attempt to start X on the console results in a hard lockup with no logs available.

This is being tested with the F11-Alpha live CD in init 3 mode.

I got an install of F11-Alpha completed, but the system will not boot in any native mode due to a "missing mount point" while mounting root. I'm still analysing this problem and will file a bug as soon as I can get a copy of the messages for this problem (it may be a photo of the screen!)

I beieve the video chipset is an older Radeon Rage XL. Once I verify this I'll file a bug against the X driver as appropriate. The symptom is that the screen inits and then displays wierd memory at the top of the screen and a *hard* lockup of the system. (It pings but will not C-A-D or zap - have to front panel reset to recover control.)

I'll be playing with the problems for a while yet :-)  :-(

G.Wolfe Woodbury

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