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Re: Announcing Fedora 11 Alpha (blink)

Christopher Beland wrote:
I'm skeptical that "kill the X server and lose entire desktop" is so
much better than "reboot system and lose entire desktop and have service
outage" that having that first option available reduces the number of
bugs filed.

Killing the desktop doesn't also take out the mail server, the files server(s), the print server, the internet gateway, the database server, DNS, and it also doesn't take anything like as long to restart stuff.

I would much rather kill the desktop than the entire system.

Application crashers - even those that don't take out the entire desktop
- are taken pretty seriously.  I can't imagine a developer replying,
"Oh, just save your buffers frequently and hit Ctrl-Alt-Backspace if my
application wedges your entire login again."

I've reported at least one bug where Evolution messed up X to the point
where you had to kill one or the other.  It got fixed.  On the other
hand, I've reported kernel crashes that haven't gotten fixed.  I think
the likelihood that something will get fixed depends more on how many
people are affected and how easy it is to diagnose and fix, than whether
it forces an X restart vs. reboot.
and the enthusiasm of the maintainers (and, where applicable, their paymasters).




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