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IPv6 and localhost on F11-Alpha

I discovered an annoyance on F9 that's worse on F11. (I never checked on F10.) I'd like to see what others think about changing some things in F11.

localhost should always be the loopback address, whether it's IPv4 or IPv6. On F9 I can simply edit /etc/hosts (unowned by any package, created by anaconda) so that it is (for loopback entries): localhost localhost.localdomain
::1       localhost localhost.localdomain

In other words, I could simply change the localhost6 names to get rid of the 6s. Doing this edit is useful, at least, because tunneling X from a remote client over ssh (ssh -X) defines DISPLAY as localhost:10.0 (as it should). But if sshd is running on IPv6, then the client app needs to be able to find a listener on [::1]:6010, which only works if ::1 is localhost.

On F9, editing /etc/hosts just works. gethost* functions return both addresses for localhost, and apps figure out which one they need.

On F11-Alpha, the double entry for localhost also requires setting "multi" to "on" in /etc/host.conf (owned by setup.noarch), otherwise gethost* stops at the first localhost it finds. (ping6 also seems to be an exception, but I'm not certain why. I'm not convinced it matters, anyway.)

Note that there's an assertion in BZ#211800 that defining both and ::1 as localhost breaks some things, but doesn't say exactly what things. The implication seems to be about programs that _change_ /etc/hosts (e.g., system-config-network) getting confused if there are both defined.


1. What would be bad about getting F11 anaconda to create
   /etc/hosts with ::1 defined as localhost?
  (... except that maybe there's a bug in system-config-network that
  should be treated like a bug in system-config-network?  --  BTW, I
  haven't looked myself, yet.)

2. How come F11 resolution functions need "multi" defined when F9
   doesn't?  By that, I mean what's the vision shift in the compilation
   of glibc?  Is F9 the anomaly or is it F11?  Is the shift conscious?

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