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Re: Submitting a bug report on ping6 and traceroute6?

Oleg Ponomarev wrote:
Hi! On Thu, 19 Feb 2009, Robert Moskowitz wrote:

I wrote about this bug with subject "only IPv6 nameservers in resolv.conf", it is still in glibc-2.9-3.i686

And Oleg told me the work around is adding


to your /etc/resolv.conf


I believe I have hit a bug on FC10 with ping6 and traceroute6. My colleague at my ISP has 'see things like this with glibc in the past'.

I am running a system with ONLY IPv6 on eth0 (of course there is IPv4 on l0, you can't turn that off). The system has a global IPv6 address from my RADVD server and can ping6 out when supplied IPv6 addresses. In /etc/resolv.conf I have the IPv6 address of my providers DNS server, ns1.clearrate.com (I first started with my own caching server, but switched to his to limit the problem tracing).

The host program works. If I try 'host www.clearrate.com', I get back its IPv4 and IPv6 address. But when I try 'ping6 -n www.clearrate.com', I get host unknown. traceroute6 fails as does Firefox (but all work when provided the IPv6 address directly).

BTW, a Centos 5 system configured the same way, on the same subnet works just fine....

So smells like a bug to me.

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