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Re: How to handle bug no.473800, and certain other suggestions(???)

On Sat, 2009-02-28 at 23:51 +0530, Dhushyanth R wrote:
> Maybe there needs to be a list of who specializes in which
> components.....that'll probably simplify things

I assume you mean something above and beyond:



At some point, I think it's OK for triagers to punt to the package
maintainers, as long as the selected component is a reasonable guess.
Sometimes it's not actually clear what the correct component is until
the code causing the bug is actually located.  (Though asking for review
through the mailing list does seem like a good idea.)

> Also as a new bug-zapper I find the wiki pages quite intimidating. The
> thing is not the amount of information available in the wiki but
> rather the way it is organized......It would be nice to have it
> organized in a linear manner instead of each page linking to other and
> then further to others( i understand that's the basic structure of the
> web, but atleast let it be piecewise linear ;) )....I think there
> should be a cap on the no. of different levels in the wiki-zappers
> page. Any supporters for this line of thought?

I definitely agree the wiki pages are not very well organized at the
moment.  I'll send some suggestions in a separate message.


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