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Re: Cloning bugs for each release considered harmful

Robert Arendt wrote:
Kevin Kofler wrote:
Bruno Wolff III wrote:
You can also clone the bug and have one for each version.

Well, maybe some maintainers like that, but my standpoint is: please don't!

We generally know what releases are affected by a given bug, we'll just push
the fix everywhere once we have one. Having multiple bugs for the same
issue is annoying. So for stuff I (co)maintain, don't be surprised if I
close your cloned bug as a duplicate and complain about the unnecessary

After some searching on "clone a bug", there's little that explains
about what it does wrt the original bug.  Does it somehow back-reference
the original bug (maybe the "Depends" field on the F10 bug points to the
rawhide bug?)

It also turned up:
  FUDCon Discussion Ideas and Questions
       ... snip ...
# What if a bug exists against two different supported Fedora versions?
    # Open two bugs (clone)?
    # Other?

Does anyone know if there was any follow-up discussion on this topic?
I like to avoid gratuitous creativity and follow best practices.
(Thanks for the comments so far).

I threw that question to the devel-list ( https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2009-January/msg01325.html )

The outcome of that thread will be acted upon on next QA meeting..


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