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Re: Merging F11 FAQ into other wiki pages

On 05/27/2009 12:53 PM, Christopher Beland wrote:

> As for what to do with the content, my thoughts section by section:
> 1 - Covered by release notes
> 2 - Covered by installation guide
> 3 - Answer is broken?

Link fixed.

> 8 - Covered by common bugs page, release notes
> 9 - Is "ext4 in f11" supposed to be added to the Interview page linked
>     from the release notes?  It is odd that out of all the things at
>     https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:F11_in-depth_features ext4
>     has an entry in this FAQ.

Others are just an interview. I have done a FAQ first. Sandeen is busy
with fixing bugs and we haven't been able to finish the interview yet.

> 10 - Should be moved to "Common bugs"
> 11 - Should be moved to "Common bugs"
> 12 - Move to "Common bugs" (more aptly named "Common issues")?
> 13 - Move to "Common bugs"?
> 14 - Probably should have been in release notes.  Can this be dropped
>      or the manpage for "ls" be updated?

Err. info coreutils already provides this information but users are
missing out this particular change.

> 15 - (meta question)
> 16 - (retain link)
> Any opinions?

I had already posted to fedora-docs to integrate as much as information
into the release notes. If the information goes into either the
installation guide or release notes, I have no problem with removing it
from the FAQ.  Otherwise, it should be retained.


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