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Re: F12-alpha: superblock always in future

Adam Williamson wrote:
On Mon, 2009-08-31 at 20:48 -0500, Todd wrote:

I do a lot of distro testing, and this really bugs me.  Fedora
defaults to the system clock being set to UTC instead of local time,
and resets the hardware clock to what it thinks is the correct time.
The problem is when you reboot into another distro that assumes the
system is on localtime and freaks out a bit since the file system has
time stamps in the future.  I know there are probably very good
reasons for Fedora defaulting to the system clock being UTC, and I
also know that I have the option to uncheck the box during install,
but I would really like to see the default changed.

But then it would screw up in exactly the same way for any other OS that
expects the system clock to be UTC. We can't magically be right every
time. Given that, we should choose the best default, and defaulting to
system clock being UTC is the best, because it's _correct_ - that's the
sane way to set things up. Most modern distros and OSes (I think even
Windows 7...) default to having the system clock set to UTC.

OK, let's say UTC is correct. I don't care. What do I change ( remember it won't boot) from a Live CD that will allow it to boot?

Also (venting) why does it keep retreating 4 hours into the past? That is, when I boot it tells me last mount was 4 hours in future ( and remember, this is first boot from install). So I fsck it, changing the timestamp. Now on reboot, it's still 4 hours in the future, because system clock has gone back another 4 hours. This is a feature?


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