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[Test-Announce] Storage Filtering Test Day Thursday 2009-10-01

    A big test day is coming up tomorrow: Anaconda/Features/StorageFiltering test day.


This is a broad topic that can improve the user's experience with regard to the storage
configuration portion of system installation. The event would aim at validating f11 storage bugs[1]
and confirming a baseline of functionality from F-12 anaconda storage. So users with varies
kinds of storage devices like SAS, SCSI, PATA, ISCSI etc are highly welcomed to this test day.

Live image is already available on the test day website in case you don't have a latest rawhide
version. So don't hesitate to join it and leave your valuable results there. :-)

See you on this HAPPY test day!

[1]: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/Features/StorageFiltering#Detailed_Description

 FAS name: Rhe
 IRC nick: Hurry(rhe)#fedora-qa
 Email: rhe redhat com 

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