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Re: i18n access

Just copy N paste your keys from your ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub file. No need to do any additional editing in the key. Once your account gets approved, you can start working. Please let me know your account id as well, once you complete the form.

Adam Pribyl લખ્યું:
On Mon, 3 Sep 2007, Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel wrote:


Please try checking out individual modules. e.g. 'cvs co po_pirut' OR 'cvs co po_anaconda' OR 'cvs co po_kudzu' If these also gets failed, then you really need to check with your SSH keys.

OK, then there has to be something wrong with the key (I am using the ssh-agent but with t.fp.o this works). The form on http://i18n.redhat.com/cgi-bin/i18n-signup/ just requires to copy and paste it into the field. It could be that the key contains now some additional chars like newline etc. because I grab it from the terminal.

What should I do now to get correct key there?

Ankit Patel

Adam Pribyl

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