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Re: Stats (not) updating correctly

Dimitris Glezos લખ્યું:
Στις 12-09-2007, ημέρα Τετ, και ώρα 18:14 -0300, ο/η Domingo Becker
Is it possible to have a cron job to merge POT changes into PO files ?

I think it is possible, and in fact even someone from us could do it
every now and then, right?

If we get to build something that can be run from one person and get it
to become a bit mature and work right, then a cron could run it too, and
Infra will be more willing to try it out than writing it from
scratch. :)

1. Why can't we run the existing automerge script running on i18n.redhat.com through cronjob?
On the other hand, this might not be optimal for a number of reasons. It
throws a big weight on Infra to maintain it, for example, and it should
work across VCSs with the ability to commit. From this point of view, it
sounds like something Transifex could do: Transifex is a translator-side
tool (in contrast to a maintainer or administrator-side tool) *with*
access to a lot of VCSs. It would be trivial to ask transifex "which
modules need merging?" and have it do a for loop and commit since most
of the code is there. Anyone willing to write a patch? :)

2. I could give a try, definitely take a longer time for me as out of touch now. OR someone who's expert in programming can jump in...
Also, to give another dimension to the issue: an even more efficient
(and logical) approach would be to do it right from the start (the
PO/POT creation): urge more developers to use intltool, and for those
modules that intlool can't be used (for a variety of reasons), the
person/script that updates the POT should update the POs as well.

3. You are right. That's the best option. Developers/Package maintainers are not doing it for some reason i don't know.
My 2 cents.

I think the preference order for these solutions should be 3, 1, 2...What do you say?
Ankit Patel

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