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Re: Self-Introduction: Tom K. C. Chiu

Tom Ka Chun Chiu さんは書きました:
*  Full legal name: Tom K. C. Chiu
* City and Country: Hong Kong
* FAS username and language to translate (for 'cvsl10n' group joining
approval): tomchiukc, translating Traditional Chinese and Korean
* Profession or Student status: Looking for work
* Company, School, or other affiliation: N/A
Welcom Tom!
Please communicate on Traditional Chinese translation with the coordinator, Caius. For Korean, afaik, the team is quiet these days. The coordinator of Korean team is Michelle.
I put both of them in CC just in case.


pub   1024D/DC142726 2009-06-02
      Key fingerprint = 60CC 7AB6 5022 4219 B86A  6614 4E21 2A4B DC14 2726
uid                  Tom K. C. Chiu (the Mimosa Pudica Club)
<tomchiukc gmail com>
sub   2048g/4F7DBFEF 2009-06-02

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