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Self-Introduction: Sindre

And now for another boring self-introduction. ^_^

Hi, my name is Sindre Wetjen, and i Live in Oslo, Norway. Currently i am a Student at the University here (University in Oslo), in a IT program called IT-SLP (IT - Language, Logic or Psychology). The best way to describe the program would perhaps be as an AI program. Because of this i also have official training in Java, XHTML/CSS and Lisp (+ some special academic languages). I also have learned some C/C++ on my own, and write Gtk-apps with Gtkmm. One c++/gtkmm project I am currently working on, witch is in a early state, is a program i call Linjap (http://linjap.berlios.de For more info).

I have been an Fedora users since Fedora Core 2, and i thought that translation anything i can into my native language (Norwegian) would be a great way to give back to the project that have given me such a great distro for so many years. And that is why i am trying to join the cvsl10n group. Even thou I am new to the translating business, i don't think that the languages will pose a problem for me, since i am a fairly competent in the languages that I will be translating from/to. Eventually i would like to contribute more back to the project in form of packing and programming, but i think starting here is the best way to go about it =)

FAS username: Subfusc
Language: Norwegian

Gpg Keys:
[sin main ~]$ gpg --fingerprint 6E6598CC
pub   1024D/6E6598CC 2009-06-11
      Key fingerprint = E5C6 E7E6 1641 9A0B C13E  FEDD 1551 5391 6E65 98CC
uid                  Sindre Wetjen (subfusc) <sindre w gmail com>
sub   2048g/B7D44BCB 2009-06-11

And now for something completely different. (and hopefully less boring)

Sindre Wetjen
email: sindre w gmail com

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