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Re: Common Content files for Publican now in Transifex

On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 4:24 AM, Ruediger Landmann
<r landmann redhat com> wrote:
> Miloš Komarčević wrote:
>> I have now uploaded the translations for Conventions as well, please
>> let me know how they work.
> Many thanks Miloš – they work fine and you can see your handiwork here:
> http://rlandmann.fedorapeople.org/Common_Content/sr.html and here:
> http://rlandmann.fedorapeople.org/Common_Content/sr-Latn.html

Thanks Rudi, looking good.

One more question: Where does the "Legal Notice" heading come from? It
is missing first word capitalization for us, and for many other
languages? Translation for "Preface" is also missing for all AFAICT.

>> Also, I have noticed you have moved sr-Latn-RS to sr-LATN, why was
>> this necessary? It is incorrect according to RFC4646...
> Yes, I know. This is a temporary hack to work around a parsing problem. This
> was the reason that some Cyrillic text was appearing even when building
> Serbian (Latin). This version works, but, as you say, does not agree with
> the standard. I'm investigating :)

Understood. It would be great though if you could nail it and make
your toolchain compliant, as there are other languages that use more
than one script as well.

Best regards,

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