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[Fedora-xen] f7 guest on f8t3

This is my command line, it's similar to one that worked for Debian etch and ClarkConnect 4.2 (and Windows XP):

virt-install --name=Fedora7 --ram=384 --vcpus=2 --file=/var/lib/xen/images/Fedora7.img --file-size=4 --vnc --hvm --cdrom=/net/ns/var/local/mirrors/linux/Fedora/7/Fedora/x86_64/iso/F-7-x86_64-DVD.iso --os-type=linux os-variant=fedora7

Windows is fine
Debian's fine
ClarkConnect's fine

f7 took ages loading ata_piix4 (actually it was a little further than this, that's just want was on the install screen). Ages > half an hour after which I went off to lunch.

I cam back and, to my pleasant surprise, it was at the "choose your language" screen.

From there things went smoothly until I chose to install from my CDROM which, of course, is that NFS mount I just booted from.

Just to be absolutely clear:

The host CPU is EMT-64 and virtualisation-capable. It's running 64-bit Linux.

selinux is in whingealotmode, not enforcing. It's whingeing a lot, but that's for another time.

The ISO image is automounted, and as it booted and loaded some stuff off it, it seems clear to me that access is fine.

I've looked at the list's archive, the closest I found is an unaswered question from Greg Huber on June 13. I'm running xen 3.1, he had 3.0.? and he got much further than I can.

A lot of possibly-relevant messages scrolled of the screen (fortunately I said "vga=791" so I have a reasonable number), but I can see kernel messages back to its recognising sda. There's nothing to suggest it found the virtual DVD-ROM drive.

I'll scout around for some IA32 binaries, it doesn't matter a lot which I install for the purpose of this test. In the meantime, are there any pointers?



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