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Re: [Fedora-xen] Newbie Virt Questions and comments on wiki/Docs/Fedora8VirtQuickStart

yonas Abraham wrote:

So, my question is, is it possible to properly manage the start up and
shut down of guest domains on host start up and shutdown or is that just
not supported yet.

If there is a way to do this, it would be a very helpful section to add
to the Quick Start document because I would expect anyone migrating from
a pure Xen environment to have the same issue.  Google reveals that
several have asked this question in the past on Fedora 7 etc and I have
not seen any answer other than people suggesting to link the
configuration file under "/etc/xen/auto".


I am in same boat as you. I want to know how to atuo start an image in
F7 or F8. I have seen this question asked several times and I have
seen no answer. May be it is not posible to do it.

I think I have it figured out!

Edit your "/var/lib/xend/domains/<domain-uuid>/config.sxp" file.
Look for the lines containing

(on_xend_start ignore)
(on_xend_stp ignore)

and change them to be

(on_xend_start start)
(on_xend_stop shutdown)

This will restart the domain when the xend daemon starts.

Mine still fails for the case where I "reboot" the host instead of shutdown, powerup because it seems like it can not restart from the virtual machine image saved in "/var/lib/xen/save". I tried to post a log file with that failure to this list but it looks like the e-mail was to large to post or something because it hasn't shown up in this list yet.

At least now I have a solution which will work when my UPS shuts down the server during a power outage.


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