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[Fedora-xen] Slightly off-topic question about Xen+LVM

First let me say that I love the way virtualization has been integrated into Fedora! Thanks to all who have done this work.

I have a simple question which is a little off-topic but I know that the experience is contained in this group of folks.

Using the final release of Fedora 8 plus all released patches, I created an LVM volume group and an Ext3 logical volume upon which I am storing all of my Xen virtual machine images as normal files.

I tried to use the system-config-lvm tool to create a snapshot of the logical volume and assigned it to a mount point that I created under "/mnt/vmbackups" and checked the box to have it mounted at boot time.

When I rebooted the machine, the boot failed when It tried to access the snapshot logical volume. I'm not going to include the specific errors here because my question is much more general.

Do snapshots of logical volumes work under Fedora 8? Google revealed some historical discussions about snapshots not working in the transition from LVM1 to LVM2. Is that the case? Is anyone successful creating logical volume snapshots under Fedora 8?

Alternatively, is there any other reliable way to make a self-consistent copy of a running Xen virtual machine image for the case where the Xen virtual machine is held in a regular file system file? Is LVM my only option?

Thanks in advance for any and all help.


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