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Re: [Fedora-xen] Newbie Virt Questions and comments on wiki/Docs/Fedora8VirtQuickStart

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
On Tue, Nov 20, 2007 at 02:57:29PM +0900, John Summerfield wrote:
Sam Folk-Williams wrote:
Aaron Metzger wrote:
I am trying to migrate my virtualization infrastructure from a pure Xen implementation to the more versatile Fedora virt-manager Xen/KVM environment. While doing this, I have hit some snags related to areas in which pure Xen documentation no longer applies due to the presence of lib-virt et al.

First a minor comment on the Fedora8VirtQuickStart (draft I know):

The section:

Building a Fedora Guest System using `virt-manager`
no longer applies because between Fedora 7 and Fedora 8 there no longer appears to be a "New" button or a "File New" option in virt-manager. It would appear that the only way to create a DomU is by way of virt-install.

The doc needs updating. I did some updating this weekend. The button is not as obvious now but it is still there (you have to right-click on the hypervisor to see the "New" option. I'm not sure why this changed, but I have updated that bit.
That's bizarre. According to the web site, you employed "UI Interface Designers."

I think you need new designers, that's far from intuitive.

I've already stated this will be fixed in the next release to make it more
obvious again. In the meantime, patches are welcomed, or you can just continue whining & making sarcastic comments.

I'm pleased it's being changed. If you think I was making sarcastic comments, you've mistaken my intent. It was heartfelt, and on reflection, fair comment. I really do not like the UI design.

As for patches, not from me. I can struggle out a bit of Perl if I must, but Python has me beaten. My time's better spent helping people come to terms with getting their Linux systems working.



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