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Re: [Fedora-xen] dom0 F7 crashes tcp_tso_segment oops - new kernel lag time

----- "Dale Bewley" <dlbewley lib ucdavis edu> wrote:
> ----- "Richard W.M. Jones" <rjones redhat com> wrote:
> > Dale Bewley wrote:
> > > Current state is vs. 2.6.20-2936.fc7xen
> > 
> > I wonder if it is worth your while trying the Xen stack & kernel
> from
> > 
> > F8?  Currently kernel-xen 2.6.21-2950 and xen 3.1.0-13.
> If you think that is safe-ish, I can try it. However, I have not had a
> crash since I posted. Maybe thanks to a slight tapering off of F8
> mirror traffic on this box.
> What's the process of the above kernel and xen releases making it into
> F7-Updates? I assume the user population is a bit smaller in this
> realm, so focus is always on the dev release and updates are more ad
> hoc?

After a period of maybe 11 days of stable uptime we have had 4 crashes in the last 24 hours due to this tcp_tso_segment bug. Since there aren't many domUs on here *yet*, I think we're just going to go ahead and upgrade to F8 now. We'll gain the 2.6.21 kernel and hopefully somewhat more developer attention in general.

I'm not sure why the 2.6.21 kernel-xen isn't backported from f8 to f7. Doesn't the most recent release get pretty much all the same updates?

Dale Bewley - Unix Administrator - Shields Library - UC Davis
GPG: 0xB098A0F3 0D5A 9AEB 43F4 F84C 7EFD  1753 064D 2583 B098 A0F3

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