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[Fedora-xen] Re: Forward-ported Xen dom0 kernel patches for Linux 2.6.29 and 2.6.30 available

Pasi Kärkkäinen wrote:

Someone interested in building Xen dom0 capable kernel for F11, based on
these patches? These patches are still more stable and mature than the
pv_ops dom0 code.. Also, these patches have the full Xen feature set (pv_ops still lacks some features).

I'd like to build a custom xen dom0-capable kernel from the latest Planet CCRMA 2.6.29 experimental kernel for F10, which seems to be pretty stable at this point; however, I don't know how to modify the spec file to include these patches you listed found at: http://code.google.com/p/gentoo-xen-kernel/downloads/list

The SRPM for for the Planet CCRMA kernel can be found at:

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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