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Re: [linux-lvm] 2.2.19 Patches??

On Fri, Apr 06 '01 at 19:34, gerry dorfam ca wrote:
> I just spent the better part of a week finding out what patches to apply
> in what order to get the 2.2.17 stock kernel working with lvm.  Now that
> I've got that working it seems like I should go all the way and install
> 2.2.19.
Depends on what you want ;-)

If you're fine with out the new RAID patches, all you need is the RAW-IO
Patch ant the LVM patch. The current 0.9.1_beta6 creates fine patches
for stock 2.2.19 + RawIO (what is included as a patch for 2.2.18, but it
works fine with 2.2.19)

> PS.  I'm running Redhat 7.0.  Are there patches available for the RH
> kernels??
While I used to use Redhat, they screwed it with the 7.0 distribution ...
If you want, you can get a patch for the stock 2.2.19 from me (but you
can easyly make it yourself), and you can find a lot of nice patches for
the 2.2.19 kernel mantained by Paul Drain with some additions by me at:

Paul is currently test my LVM patch (integrated with the new RAID
patches) for functionality (I only was able to compile it and have it
boot my diskless workstation ;-) ). He will add it till Monday.

Have fun,

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