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Re: [linux-lvm] vgscan does not found my VG, but pvscan does...

Andreas Dilger wrote:
> Fabian Herschel writes:
> > I tried some things last night...
> >   - First I have saved the heder blocks (VGDA) with dd (dd if=/dev/sda1   \
> >      of=/root/HEAD_sda1 count=4596 bs=512)
> >   - Then I called a vgcfgrestore -n sysvg /dev/sda1.
> >   - Now pvscan tells me both PVs are in the VG sysvg.
> >   - "vgchange -ay sysvg" activated the VG and the LVs could me mounted
> >
> > BUT
> >   - vgscan does NOT find the sysvg!!!
> >   - After a reboot the sysvg is not available.
> >   - Every time I have to call a vgcfgrestore :((
> Can you post "pvdata -PPU <dev>" for each PV in the VG?  Also, can you
> look through "vgscan -v -d" output to see why it is not finding all of
> the PVs it wants?  This sounds like the old UUID problem.

Yes I will post that. I have to collect this data at home :)).
I also will have a look up, if the tips about the UUID problem fit to
my problem /reading the several pvdata cmd outs.


> Cheers, Andreas
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