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Re: [linux-lvm] Writing forward compatible applications using /proc

On Sunday, 12 August 2001, at 12:10:31 -0500,
Eric M. Hopper wrote:

> On 12 Aug 2001 13:54:02 +0000, José Luis Domingo López wrote:
> > As far as I know, there are plans to remove much of the thingss that
> > currently appear under /proc. It seems that only information about
> > processes currently running will remain under /proc.
> > 
Check this linux kernel mailing list for the (still scarce) details about
"removing" kernel tunables from /proc:

To be precise, dicussion about modifying existing /proc starts here:

There were not much discussion about the subject, but it seems that in
2.5.x /proc will just hold information about running processes. The rest
is still to be defined :)


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