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[linux-lvm] Problem if snapshot exists after crash or reboot

I am using linux 2.4.5-ac6 (SMP) which includes lvm 0.91_beta7 as a file server. I have done no further patching so far. I am hoping to use LVM snapshots for two things:-

a) To ensure a backup from a quiet filesystem

b) To offer the users the possibility of looking into yesterday's snapshot for the file that they have just corrupted or deleted. I think this would avoid 95% of all my restore requests.

I understand that snapshots are not (yet) persistent, but that shouldn't be a problem unless the system is rebooted.

The problem is that if a snapshot exists and the system is shutdown (running "vgchange -a n" on the way), then the "vgchange -a y" fails with error 9 on the way back up again. I can avoid this if I lvremove the snapshots on the way down, but this would not help if the power failed or the system crashed. I need something that can fix this as the system comes up. My current idea is to run vgscan to get a list of volume groups, and then to run vgcfgrestore on the first listed volume group that has failed to activate, repeating until all volume groups can be activated. This is messy and may be dangerous. It also requires knowlege of which physical device to use for each volume group. I don't think this is easily available other than by using some sort of consistant naming scheme.

Comments and advice would be welcome.

Chris Ritson
EMAIL:	C R Ritson newcastle ac uk	POST:	Chris Ritson,
PHONE:	+44 191 222 8175			Department of Computing Science,
FAX :	+44 191 222 8232				University of Newcastle upon Tyne,
ROOM:	618 Claremont Bridge (the Mill)		United Kingdom NE1 7RU.

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