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RE: what i need is a little attention-RE [linux-lvm] SoftRaid and LVM Jean-Eric Cuendet

I'll give you my setup.
I have a 5 36Gb SCSI disks machine which do MD+LVM+ext2 on them
Each disk is splitted in 4 (~9Gb each partition) and then grouped 5 by 5
to form 4 MD (md5, md6, md7, md8) each ~36Gb in RAID5.
Then these 4 MDs are added in a VG and LVs are created for each need
(CVS, HOMES, FILES, ...). 
The machine is a PIII 733 with 256Mb RAM and has RH7.1 installed
I use MD 0.90.0, LVM 1.0.1rc1 and e2fsprogs 1.23. I have NO reiserfs nor
XFS nor JFS.

All that works fine for me with little problems since upgrade to

Each partition on the physical disk is marked as fd (Linux RAID
autodectect) then pvcreate is made on /dev/md[5678] . There is no need
to put either "Linux Native (83)" nor "Linux LVM (8e)" on the /dev/md1
or something like that. Just the fd on physical partitions will do the

Hope this helps.

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> From: svetljo [mailto:galia st-peter stw uni-erlangen de] 
> Sent: mardi, 4. septembre 2001 19:44
> To: bluca comedia it; linux-lvm sistina com
> Subject: Re: what i need is a little attention-RE [linux-lvm] 
> SoftRaid and LVM Jean-Eric Cuendet
> well the problem currently is that i can not format the LV 
> with ext2 or 
> reiserfs
> in the beginning i could access the LV only with IBM's JFS and i had 
> troubles mounting it with XFS
> but i've upgraded to 2.4.10-pre2-xfs-cvs and now i have no 
> problem with XFS but i still have the problem with ext2 and 
> reiserfs which i think is not 
> normal
> and i'm wondering whether it's safe to use the LV
> i used e2fsprogs-1.23 and 1.24 and reiserfs progs  3.x.0j
> but when i try to format the LV mke2fs and mkreiserfs segfaults
> and i can format normal partitions and software raid with mke2fs and 
> mkreiserfs
> the VG :
> /dev/hdh10
> /dev/md6  software linear RAID
> /dev/md7 software linear RAID
> the LV's are striped over the 3 PV's
> Luca Berra wrote:
> >On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 07:08:10PM +0200, svetljo wrote:
> >
> >>if smbd take a look at all meseages with sender svetljo and with 
> >>subject
> >>releated to PB's with LVM on software RAID
> >> i think he'll get the idea what is all about
> >>
> >OK i am using lvm over softraid
> >can you please do a recap.
> >
> >L.
> >
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