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Re: [linux-lvm] Disk crash , LVM and ext2... (bis)

Patrick Caulfield wrote:
Don't forget, you'll need the "device-mapper" kernel patches too. They work best
with 2.4.19 kernels, there were VM problems with 2.4.18 ones.

I played a bit with that, and it looks like when device-mapper can't access a zone it returns zeros.
What I did, is to create an LV over 4 or 5 partitions, format it, zeroed the first partition, do a 'vgscan -P' and try to read the block device (LV raw data).
I supposed that this is the device-mapper that hide the missing informations by returning zeros. Is there a way to know (via ioctl for example) that a data is not available ?
For my program, I need to know, what is readable and what is not readable.

I will also try evms, as E.Tews sugested.


-=( manu )=-

PS: I do not have backup of my data because this is personal data (at home) and I thought it could be useful, as well as fun, to write this tool.
PPS: I first named this tool e2forensic, but my english isn't so good so could someone tell me if it make sense ?
PPPS: thank you for reading the message until there :o)

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