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Re: [linux-lvm] EXT3 vs Reiserfs

>> > So, if your drive gets bad blocks, you can very quickly be rebuilding
>> > your entire filesystem ( I lost a TB on a RAID where one drive developed
>> > some bad blocks.)
>> You must have been running RAID0, otherwise one drive wouldn't matter.
>> > Just keep in mind stability.
>> I'm removing harddrives with bad blocks immediately - and running RAID5.
>> I'm definitively not missing that feature ;-)

> I was running RAID5.

Then  a  bad drive should not matter or you have done something wrong.
RAID5  has  redundancy for one drive so you should not loose any data.
But  agreed.  Bad  blocks  management  is  a  needed  feature  of  any
filesystem. Just as defragment support utils.

From what I understood is Reiser4 going to improve on all areas.

Performance wise no FS should be very slow on big files? Or what did I

> Matt sChillinger

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