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[linux-lvm] Compliment

From: Barr. Williams  Sani

Dear Friend,

I humbly wish to seek your assistance in a matter that is very
important and needs utmost trust and confidence.

I am Barr. Williams  Sani, a business consultant / Attorney and a close confidant
of Mrs Rosemary Ikimi wife of late Mr.Lumao Ikimi, who was
recently murdered in the land dispute in Zimbabwe.

I got your contact through network on line hence decided to write
you. Before the death of her husband, he had taken her to Nigeria
to deposit the sum of USD 28 Million. In one of the private
security company, as he foresaw the looming danger in Zimbabwe
this money was deposited in a box as valuables to avoid much
demurrage from security company.

This amount was meant for the purchase of new machines and
chemicals for the farms and establishment of new farm in
Swaziland. This land problem came when Zimbabwean president Mr
Robert Mugabe introduced a new land act reform wholly affected the
rich white farmers ans some black farmers . And this resulted to
the killing and mob action by Zimbabwean war veterans and some
lunatics in the society. In fact a lot of people were killed
because of this land reform act for which her husband Late Mr.
Lumpao Ikimi was one of the victims.

It is against this background that Mrs.Rosemary ikimi And her
family who are currently staying in Nigeria   decided to invest
the above sum in viable business oversease since our law here in
Nigeria prohibits a refugee to open any bank accout or to be
involved in any financial transaction throughout the territorial
zone of Nigeia.

She is faced with the dilemma of investing this amount of money
here in Nigeria for fear of going through the same experience in
future. Both countries have similar political history. If you
agree to act as a fund manager for my client and her family, I
shall release the sum of  USD 28 million to you if you meet my

The money is available in cash in a safe trunk deposited with a
security company, and upon a favorable response from you. I shall
let you know how you will receive it.

Your commission shall be down payment of 25% of the total sum, and
an annual 10% of the after tax returns on investment for the first
five years.

Sir, if you are capable and willing to participate in this
transaction, reach me with my e- mail address soonest.Alternative email address is

(greenchamber1 yahoo com ). Please copy the above email as well. Feel free to call me on my private telephone line as soon as you received this mail ( 234 8033 355884. )

Best regards,

Barr. Williams  Sani

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