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[linux-lvm] vgcfgbackup and vgcfgrestore


i'm new to your list and would like to introduce myself. I'm markus. I've
worked with linux for quit a while as administrator also using lvm.  Now i
try to get some desaster-recovery-strategie working.

I've quit a couple of linux-systems. I use vgcfgbackup (lvm1) to bachkup the
configuration of volumegroups into a file normal backup-software to backup

Wenn system crashes i would like to 
* start with some (new) rescue-cd, recover vg-configuration file, recreate
volumegroups (with recoverd config-file),  restore data and reboot
This works fine with new systems running lvm2 and some rescue-cd with lvm2.

Now there are old lvm1-systems as well. I would like to use the same
recover-CD, but it has lvm2-commands and i can't get it to recover old

In short:
I would like to get the following things working:
vgcfgbackup (lvm1-binary, 2.4 kernel) backing up lvm1-Volume and creating
metadata-file (in lvm1 format)
vgcfgrestore (lvm2-binary, 2.6 kernel) restoring lvm1-Volume from above.
working with restored vg with lvm1, 2.4 kernel.

Does this work?
Can someone give me example commands?

Please excuse my poor english, 
thanks in advance for your help

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