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Re: [linux-lvm] Doubts about LVM2 real limits

We have done >100 TB without a problem in a VG and in
a single LV.  The problem is with file system selection if you
are using this large a LV as a file system.  You are limited to
XFS or JFS w/o venturing into ext4 and reiserfs4 which
some people view as experimental still.

We can only speak for XFS on a 100 TB file system.  We have
yet to try ext4 or reiserfs4 as a commercial file system.

3 Xyratex FC RAID controllers w/ expansion chassis attached.
4 Gb/s QLogic controllers.



Cesar O. Pablo wrote:

We have plans to build a 30TB aprox. data storage using a set of SAN boxes configured as RAID 5, our understanding is that using LVM2 with Red Hat 4 and our 64 bit AMD opteron processors shall allow us to do that. Our concern is to know in advance if our approach is wrong or even better if somebody else has been successfully taking the same road before.

Documentation tells us that the limit is in the order of the 8 Exabytes (8TB for IA-32) but this is not enough as this is a go / no go decision.

  Thanks for any help or pointer to a similar rig.

 Cesar O. Pablo


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