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[linux-lvm] Exposing the same VG from two different disks


I'm not sure if what I'm trying to do is possible or not but hopefully someone out there can help!!

I have a volume group which consists of a LUN (/dev/emcpowerv1) in an EMC cabinet. To backup up the disk I use EMC technology to synchronise a second LUN (/dev/emcpoweraf1) with the first, when the synchronisation is complete I then break the connection. At this point I have two identical volume groups exposed to the same host. What I would like to do is rename the second volume group and mount its logical volumes. However I can't because (understandably) LVM doesn't like having two identical volume groups so when I issue pvchange -u I get...

# pvchange -u /dev/emcpoweraf1
  Found duplicate PV dXiYI6nVqu8UpXO2mlaWiKKPKSBPrRbn: using /dev/emcpowerv1 not /dev/emcpoweraf1
  get_pv_from_vg_by_id: vg_read failed to read VG !
  /dev/emcpowerv1: write failed after 0 of 4096 at 4096: Operation not permitted
  pv_write with new uuid failed for /dev/emcpowerv1.
  0 physical volumes changed / 1 physical volume not changed

Notice I issue the command against /dev/emcpoweraf1 but it complains about writing to /dev/emcpowerv1.

does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance

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