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Re: [linux-lvm] lvcreate on specific pv in system-config-lvm

this may help:
Open the LVM GUI. Oh the left panel, open the Unallocated Entities. Select on the PV (eg: /dev/hdd). Then click the Add to existing Volume Group button, and choose VolGroup00.
After LVM reloads its data, look in the left panel. Let's assume you want to extend LogVol00 to the new PV (or vice versa depending on how your mind works). Open the VolGroup00 (Logical View) tree, and select LogVol00, and click the Edit Properties button. In the Size panel you should see the remaining free space; this is from the added PY. Before you actually do this, find out how to undo it. I haven't found out yet.
So in summary, the process using the GUI is somewhat different than using the LVM commands, but the results are the same.
There does seem to be something wrong in the GUI: Select the new PY in the left panel, then click the Migrate Selected Extent(s) from volume. It asks you to select some extents first, but there is no way of doing that.
Good luck.
On 10/19/09, Dan Ragle <dan velocity org> wrote:
Hi, I'm new to LVM and trying to find my way through the
available options...

I see that with lvcreate there is the ability to create a
logical volume on a specified physical volume; but in system-config-lvm
I do not see how to do that (I can only see how to set the size of
the LV from the free space available in the VG; I don't see how
to specify on which PV it should be created). Obviously if
I'm missing something please let me know; but otherwise I was
just curious as to why that feature wasn't available in the
GUI (i.e., is it problematic, or something I should try to avoid
for some other reason)?

Many thanks,

Dan Ragle

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