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Re: [linux-lvm] Question on compatibility with 2.6.31 kernel.

On 9/18/2009, Ben Greear (greearb candelatech com) wrote:
> > I recently tried to boot 2.6.31 on Fedora 8, and it couldn't
> > find the volume groups.  The same kernel works fine on F11.
> try to recompile kernel with
> (old lvm will not understand new sysfs design, this should
> provide old sysfs entries) 

I'm also an lvm newbie, and since I'll obviously be running into this
sometime soon...

If lvm2 is updated first (before the kernel), I'm assuming it would
still be backward compatible with older kernels?

Or, if I updated the kernel first and compiled it with the above
options, when lvm2 gets updated, will I need to recompile the kernel
with the above options disabled before the next reboot?



Best regards,


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