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Re: [linux-lvm] Is there any help for external locking of LVM?


There's no documentation on writing locking plugins but it's fairly straightforward, in principle at least ;-)

Have a look at LVM2/lib/locking/no_locking.c and add your custom locking parts in there. You DO need to call the lvm libraries parts or nothing will happen.

If your locking library is generally useful I hope you will share it with the community.


On 23/08/10 05:17, Kirby Zhou wrote:
I am working for getting a alternative of built-in clustered locking.
clvmd cannot support large size cluster well, and cannot across VLAN.
In my opinion, a centralized locking mechanism is more suitable for
large-scale cluster.

If I just put locking_dir on a NFS volume with locking_type=1, can I use LVM
to share a storage across machine?
Or is there any document can guide me to write a new locking plug-in?

    Kirby Zhou
    from   SOHU-RD   +86-10-6272-8261

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