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[linux-lvm] Question for LVM feasibility and usage on the embedded linux


Nice to meet you. This is Junmo from Korea who is in charge of embedded system development on Android.
I have some questions for the LVM. Could you kindly tell me about question below?

Actually, i know that LVM solution is very attractive for engineer and/or system which have multiple disks.
But, in my case, i have a only one disk(2TB) and i need to expand/shrink the partition dynamically according to the user request while file systems are online(without reboot or backup).

This is my system specification.

Kernel ver :
OS : Android ICS
Platform : Armv7

Requested Feature
1) expand/shrink the partition dynamically according to the user request.
2) space limitation per each partition or directory.

This is my user scenario.
1) Let's say that 500G is for shared folder and another 500G is for multimedia folder. And 1TB is a free disk space.
2) shared folder can use additional free disk at any time up to 1TB freely if free space is available.. But, multimedia folder can't use additional space without user permission and it can use only 500G space.
3) Let's say shared folder have 1.5TB now. But,if multimedia folder want to expand their space with 500G(Total 1TB), system MUST allocate additional space to multimedia folder.  In this case, shared folder should be shrunk to 1TB and multimedia folder should be expanded up to 1TB. 
4) Now, user can't write the data to the each folder over 1TB.

1) Does LVM suitable solution for me?( only 2TB one disk)
2) Do you know any case study on embedded system or similar with my situation?
3) Could you give me any comments or guidance?

Thanks in advance.


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