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Re: nahant-list Digest, Vol 32, Issue 8

On Tue, 2007-09-11 at 13:25 -0300, Javier Arancibia/NACION SEGUROS/AR
> The server is an HP NetServer LH4R with two Pentium  3 Xeon 450, 2Gb
> Ram and two sci disks. 
> Don't have the RHEL 4 the option to boot with Kernel 2.4? 

No, RHEL4 is based on kernel 2.6.9, that's all you get, it's kind of the
point.  Why don't you just install RHEL3?  It's based on kernel 2.4 and
will still be supported for quite some time.

The system hardware you mention commonly came with a HP NetRAID which is
an old Megaraid based card that is not supported by the newer megaraid
driver in RHEL4.  Is that what you have?  If so, it's possible to
install on these systems by either manually compiling the legacy
megaraid driver on another RHEL4 system, or finding a driver disk, but
even then long term maintenance can be annoying.


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