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[Ovirt-devel] Re: error while loading ISO image in ovirt ui

Hadi Al-Saadi wrote:

Dear perry,

pls look at problem,, im going to loas my job,, because of this.. pls sir i want to load ISO image so i can load windows or anything else, so we can test it and replase our vmware in office

when im trying to load ISO image from localhost, after creating cobbler profile with the command cobbler image add --name=foo --file=/mnt/automnt/path/to/foo.iso --image-type=iso the profile create fine. no prolbmes, and i can see the ISO image from ovirt ui drop list and i can select it.
when i try to start it, it giveing me error in ovirt ui task

The problem is that there is a mismatch between the format that cobbler specifies for nfs servers in --file and what ovirt is expecting. What I am using is:

cobbler image add --name=winxp --file= --image-type=iso

With this syntax I was able to successfully boot a WinXP ISO to provision a new VM. I didn't go through the entire installation process, but it was able to boot the WinXP ISO and start the installation.

On the Cobbler website it says to use the following syntax for --file argument:

The former assumes that you already have the nfs share mounted. The latter would need to be parsed by the user to mount the nfs share (or koan would do this for you automatically if you were using it)

It looks in oVirt we should interpret
nfs://user 192 168 50 2:/share/file.iso

to work properly since that is the officially supported syntax for cobbler.

Darryl, you worked on this piece, can you investigate this and make the appropriate changes?

Hadi, for now use the workaround I describe above using the syntax:
host:/dir/file for the --file parameter.



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