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[Ovirt-devel] 0.96 oVirt Release

The oVirt development team is pleased to announce the 0.96 release of
both the oVirt Node and oVirt Server Suite.

New features in this release include:

* based on Fedora 10
* added support for building in mock and i386 builds on x86_64
* make source target to build source iso or tarball
* Add logic for allowing SSH keys to be included during image and
  appliance creation time
  - this is to be used for development purposes only
* image/appliance build process creates a manifest tar that can be used in
  comparing builds

oVirt Node:
* standalone and autoinstall mode
  - first boot configuration menu
  - network configuration
  - use LVM volumes on GPT partitioned local disk
    for autoinstall mode ovirt boot parameter is used to define volumes:
  - livecd image to local disk installer
  - use file bindmounts for persisted configs
  - use optional /config from livecd image
  - add BOOTIF=link|eth* support
* oVirt branded splash image for boot menu
* ovirt-node subpackages:
  - ovirt-node-stateless is for use on the embedded oVirt Node.
  - ovirt-node-stateful is for use on already installed Fedora hosts to
    configure that host to act as a Node. Presently it only works when run
    on the same host as the oVirt Appliance.
* edit-livecd script for ad-hoc modification to livecd image
* add minimal python into the Node image
* use minimal selinux configuration and add modules selectively

oVirt Server Suite:
* fix for Bug 467767: double render error for add user
* fix for Bug 466719: The virtual machine pool table is disabled after
  clicking sort by "Load" column
* fix for bug 464282: can't remove user
* fix how taskomatic handles a Cobbler image record
* API: add a call to list VMs for a user
* fixed cpu speed value for hosts grid
* add aggregation method to stats API courtesy Mark Wagner
* NFS file creation/deletion in the taskomatic back-end
* replace host-status with db-omatic
  - uses the qpid console to recieve events from libvirt-qpid on various
    nodes and update state in the database directly
* fix for bug 467758: Pool quota edit link does not appear
* add time range and data type selection to flexchart
* refactored storage UI to allow for creating/deleting NFS volumes
* test/fixture revamp
  - Redoing the test fixtures to take advantage of rails 2.1 'foxy
* replaced flexigrid-based display for HW and smart pool storage with tree
* implement "poweroff" in the WUI
* fixes / improvements to selenium interface tests
* implement LVM scanning, creation, deletion, and VM use in the taskomatic
* lvm storage volume HW pool admin tab
* support for multiple package formats for the appliance packaging
* split create-ovirt-appliance into several scripts
  - http://ovirt.org/page/Appliance_Installation
* separate data disk for storing iSCSI and NFS for appliance
* remove second network interface on the appliance
  - eth0 is bridged to ovirtbr0 and eth1 is removed, the host is the
    default gateway

Instructions for configuring yum to point to the ovirt.org repository:

Instructions for using the Appliance and Nodes:

Please download and try it out.  Let us know via the mailing list or IRC
if you have any suggestions for enhancements or feedback on what we've
implemented so far.

Also, bugs can be filed on the oVirt project at links provided on:

Thanks to everyone who contributed to oVirt for this release!

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