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nss_ldap, pam_ldap, SSL and certificate-based client

	Hi folks!
	We've just finished to setup our openldap-2.0.1, nss_ldap-105,
pam_ldap-72 over linux. 
	We have now troubles with SSL, we think the cause is that pam as
some kind of problem with the certificate database format!

	We tried with Netscape 'cert7.db' (after install server cert) and
it does not finish client/server auth.

	We create our server certificate using openssl-0.9.4, as folows:

openssl req -config ../SSLconf/conf/ssleay.cnf \
-new -x509 -nodes -days 181  -out ../SSLconf/conf/ldap.pem \
-keyout ../SSLconf/conf/ldap.pem;

	What's the trouble here?

	I also would like to know if pam-ldap support certificate-based
client authentication which mean the ldap client will send its own
certificate for ldap server to authenticate.

	Appreciate some directions.
	Thanks in advance,

	Paulo Matos
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