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Re: pam-unix... pam_unix2?


On Fri, Sep 29, Michael Ju. Tokarev wrote:

> Ok.  My work on pam_unix is in a stalled state now...
> I should finish it sometime (not so many left to do).
> But what interesting (and caused me to write this) -
> I found a pam_unix2 module by Thorsten Kukuk -- this
> one I was unable to find for a long time.  Oha, it is
> on kernel.org/.../NIS+/ directory!  Complete url is:
> http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/net/NIS+/pam_unix2.tar.gz

The correct URL is:


There are newer versions available, I forgot the files on

> The question.  May _this_ Thorsten's module be used in
> linux-pam in place of it's current pam_unix?
> I know that this question is mostly for Thorsten.

I have no problems if pam_unix2 will replace pam_unix in linux-pam.
But the big problem I see is, that pam_unix2 depends heavy
on glibc >= 2.1.x. This is the reason why I never made the try to
get it into the linux-pam package.

> At least I was not able to find any annoncements here
> (and even any references) to this module.

I posted in vor about 1,5 years when the first version was ready.

> Module probably should be changed a bit in respect of
> handling new passwords (bigcrypt issues, other hashes
> etc as discussed on this list), but other things are in
> place.  (Maybe even made nis+ support optional, especially
> keyserver notifications).

pam_unix2 should work with HP-UX password aging, bigcrypt,
md5 hashes and all the other nice things.


Thorsten Kukuk       http://www.suse.de/~kukuk/       kukuk@suse.de
SuSE GmbH            Schanzaeckerstr. 10            90443 Nuernberg
Linux is like a Vorlon.  It is incredibly powerful, gives terse,
cryptic answers and has a lot of things going on in the background.

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