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PAM + LDAP auth without local accounts ?


I have Linux stations using Novell NDS / eDirectory for authentification.
Works fine so far if I have local accounts in /etc/passwd (password
desactivited in /etc/shadow).
What is the necessary config for logging *without* a local account in

I also use pam_mount and it works fine.


passwd:	ldap files
shadow:	ldap files
group:	ldap files


debug 1
mkmountpoint 1
lsof /usr/bin/lsof

options_require	nosuid,nodev

luserconf .pam_mount.conf

smbmount /bin/mount -t smbfs
ncpmount /bin/mount -t ncpfs
umount   /bin/umount
lclmount /bin/mount -p0

volume * ncp novell_name_of_server usr/cti/& /home/&
ipserver=unix_name_of_server,user=&.novell_context,uid=&,gid=users - - 


host	mialplacidus
base	ou=cti,ou=aca82,ou=d,o=nhp
ldap_version	3

port 636
pam_password	crypt
sslpath /etc/ssl/certs/cert7.db

nss_base_passwd	<context>
nss_base_shadow	<context>
nss_base_group	<context>
ssl on

tls_cacertdir /etc/ssl/certs


auth:	use_ldap nullok
account:	use_ldap
password:	use_ldap nullok
session:	none


auth   	requisite	pam_unix2.so		nullok
auth	 	required	pam_securetty.so
auth   	required    pam_nologin.so
#auth	 	required	pam_homecheck.so
auth   	required    pam_env.so
auth	 	required	pam_mail.so
account  	required    pam_unix2.so
password 	required	pam_pwcheck.so		nullok
password 	required    pam_unix2.so		nullok
use_first_pass use_authtok
session  	required    pam_unix2.so		none # debug or
session  	required    pam_limits.so

session   	required  	pam_mount.so use_first_pass
auth      	required  	pam_mount.so use_first_pass


OSS consultant
Centre des Technologies de l'Information
Etat de Genève
82 rue des Acacias
1227 Carouge (GE)
Tél. +41-22-325 11 62

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