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Re: [redhat-ccm-list] advantages and disadvantages of generateXML

Hi Vadim,

Thanks for stating the disadvantages.  I would like to ask something a
bit related.  I have seen some CCM code that overrides generateXML, but
inside generateXML there is little custom XML.  What they do is
instantiate a normal bebop component and do like "Label.generateXML()". 
Why is this style done?  Is it because they needed something a bit
custom but did not want to write the other pieces like buttons, label,

Reading your reply makes me also think that when designing or whatever
you call it.  I will have to forsee what are the common elements on the
site.  And try to make things as common as possible.  For example if I
wanted to display a set of data in a way on page.  I should also think
if there are other pages that will display in a similar fashion.  Its
like programming in GNOME or KDE.


On Fri, 2003-02-07 at 21:57, Vadim Nasardinov wrote:
> On Friday 07 February 2003 08:34 am, Jun Yamog wrote:
> > What are the advantages and disadvantages of having your own
> > generateXML?
> Advantages:
>   Because your components are custom-tailored, they probably behave exactly
>   the way you want them to.
> Disadvantages:
>   If you end up having a medley of custom-tailored components on your hands,
>   it then becomes increasingly difficult to make global style changes. 
>   Assuming that each custom component has its own template rules, you will
>   have to touch a lot of templates to set cellpadding to 2 in all tables or
>   some such.
>   A way to mitigate the disadvantage:
>     Don't write too many custom components.  For those components that
>     you do find yourself having to write, factor out the commonalities into a
>     small set of common templates.
>     In other words, "Any design problem can be solved by adding an additional
>     level of indirection (except for too many levels of indirection)."
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