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SSH , ftp, and X

Hey all...

I had SSH 1.x up & working, so I found 2.1, and upgraded.

Now the problem(s):

1) With the older version, I could start an X program, and the display would
show up on my client workstation.  With no changes to my client, I notice
that now I get an error, that X can't open the display.  If I do a "set
|grep DISPLAY", I notice that for some reason, my display is not being set
under the new version - how do I fix this?  I don't mind manually setting
the display (although I liked it better when it did it automaticaly), but I
need to know what to set it to.

2) I have set up according to the HOWTO's, etc to do secure FTP.  My ftp
client is set to look at localhost, while SSH client is set to forward,
etc...  Problem is this:  When I fire up ftp, I can log in fine, but can't
do anything.  Once I am logged in & do an "ls", I get the error:
 "500 Illegal PORT command"
"425 Can't build data connection: Connection refused"

Every following ls gives the 425 error.

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