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RE: RH6.2:ipx_configure:invalid argument

I too am having problems with this.  
If you ask me, Redhat 6.2 is a piece of S***.

It breaks the Apache Daemon (on a fresh install) and also breaks the IPX

Not to mention some of the Xwindows serving nightmares I had (now fixed).
That coupled with the lack of workstation inetd services (which you can
load, but is no longer the default).

If you ask me, go with RH 6.1 with an upgraded kernel or Mandrake 7.0

Redhat really messed up this time.
-Andrew Allen

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Subject: RH6.2:ipx_configure:invalid argument

First, excuse me for my bad English!

I want to run mars_nwe on RH6.2. It worked on RH6.0, but on RH6.2 - don't. 
The problem is IPX. My kernel is compiled to support IPX module:
      IPX protocol: yes
      Internal IPX network: no
But on boot ipx_configure says:
      socket: invalid argument

Either of update RH6.0 (with configured IPX) to RH6.2 or new installation 
of RH6.2 the result is the same.

Please tell me what's wrong.
Thank you in advance. 

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