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RE: postgres sql server

You may try to get and install MYsql. (http://www.mysql.org)  Personally I
prefer uniVerse, which is an extended relational database that makes Oracle
look like it's running up hill in cold tar in January (no flames please).

I've been interested in learning MYsql and if you could do some work upfront
so I don't have such a big learning curve 8^} . . .  you know the rest. And
there's probably a better email list to query, too.

Karl L. Pearson
Senior uniVerse Database Analyst
Senior Unix/NT/Win Analyst
karlp ut colubs com

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From: Jason Miller [mailto:jmille34 tampabay rr com]
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Subject: postgres sql server

I would like to set up linux as an sql server to my NT machine, which
runs coldfusion. I installed everything off of the Redhat 6.2 CD, but I
have no idea how to test it or hook it up to my NT machine (or anything,
for that matter). In fact, I doubt there even exists a database,
although I *think* that /var/lib/pgsql/base/template1 and
/var/lib/pgsql/base/postgres are supposed to be empty or test db's or
something. I also think I installed the postgres odbc add-on (or
whatever it is). What do I do next?


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